Science Of House Vol. 9


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Science Of House Vol. 9 (2020)

House is a feeling. This certainly goes for Block & Crown. Inspired by and deeply rooted in the original disco sound and house. The mission: bringing back the feeling, the feeling called house! Takahiro Yoshihira step into the way of music life since 15 years old and now hes ready to rocks the world out a tornado by his global electro style People around the world are recognize him by the hard bass full of energy! Mathias D. is a hot-blooded music lover. He has an approach to pure and noble music and is not content to consume it as a banal commodity. He sees it as a means, a need to share, to create a quasi-fusional relationship. Mathias D. discovers the mix by watching his brother practice the turntables, he quickly turns to happy sounds, influenced by the French touch and electro house.

Science Of House Vol. 9 (2020)
Tech House, Funky, Groove, Jackin, Soulful | Recovery House
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 03-07-2020 | 01:42:35 | 234 Mb

01. Dj Kone And Marc Palacios – Sonido Latino (Original Mix) 5:10
02. Jackheads And Block And Crown – Jump (Original Mix) 5:19
03. Lykov – Going On (Original Mix) 5:11
04. Jaques Raupee – Come With Me (Original Extended Mix) 4:13
05. Kid Massive And Takahiro Yoshihira Ft Omz – Paradise (The Bt Project Remix) 5:16
06. Mathias D. And Skiavo And Vindes – I’m Back (Original Mix) 4:42
07. Savin – Losing My Soul (Original Mix) 5:30
08. Greg Gelis And Ryan Konline – Give Your Love To Me (Original Mix) 4:56
09. Ver-Dikt – I Need A Break Away (Original Mix) 4:39
10. Frank-Lo – Aqui (Original Mix) 4:54
11. Stormasound – In My Head (Original Mix) 4:39
12. Kegyi – Keep On Moving (Extended Mix) 5:37
13. Cupertino – What U Say To Me (Extended Mix) 3:41
14. Monamour – Everybody (Extended Mix) 3:41
15. Dj Kone And Marc Palacios – Feel Right (Original Mix) 6:13
16. Jazzy 22 – It’s A Feeling (Original Mix) 5:42
17. Tom Forester And Folkness – Ready (Original Mix) 5:21
18. Svan Code – Melodic Machine (Original Mix) 7:14
19. Khikko – Trump To Jump (Circus) (Original Mix) 4:44
20. Ciava – Yes I Do (Original Mix) 5:54


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