DMC Classic Mixes – The Human League 1

DMC Classic Mixes - The Human League 1 (2020)

Given that DMC has been delivering exclusive remixes to DJs since the 1980s, it makes sense for them to dip into their archives now and then and offer-up the best of them to a new generation of selectors. Here they do just that, gathering together their best interpretations of classic cuts from Sheffield synthpop heroes the Human League. Thers much to admire throughout, from RKLs stomping, house take on The Sound of the Crowd and a sleazy, stripped-back, early progressive house style remix of Love Action very Brothers in Rhythm, to tweaked and heavily edited club revisions of Dont You Want Me and Phil Oakeys collaboration with Giorgio Moroder, Together in Electric Dreams. The ultimate collection of the best synth pop megamixes & remixes from one of the most influential electronica bands.

DMC Classic Mixes – The Human League 1 (2020)
Synthpop, Disco, Hi-NRG, Vocal, New Wave, Pop Rock, Funk, Dance | DMC Records – DMCCLASSHUMAN1
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 18-09-2020 | 01:19:45 | 183 Mb

01. Giorgio Moroder & Phil Oakey – Together In Electric Dreams (Steve Evans) 5:14
02. Human League – Don’t You Want Me (Extended Mix) (Steve Franklin) 5:48
03. Human League – Human (Rutti Kroese) 6:06
04. Human League – Human League Megamix 15:24
05. Human League – Human League The Return To The League Of Humans 12:54
06. Human League – Love Action (Steve Anderson) 6:48
07. Human League – Rock ‘n’ Roll & Night Clubbing 6:24
08. Human League – Sound Of The Crowd (Rkl Re-Touch) (Rod Layman) 7:39
09. Human League – Ultimate Human League Mix (Pts. 1&2) 13:28


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