Exploring Breakbeat Jazz

Exploring Breakbeat Jazz (2020)

Exploring Breakbeat Jazz is designed and signed as a reference on your choice of several exchangers file. Breakbeat is a term used to describe drum rhythms usually characterized by the use of a drum that is not of the 4/4 rhythm. Rhythms of the genre can be characterized by their use of syncope and polyrhythm, which are prominent in all music of African origin. If we mix all this with the sounds of jazz we find the leitmotif of the selection of this compilation made of songs that most of the time are born jazz. Melting-pot genre distinguished by its avoidance of a bass-heavy kick drum hitting on every beat; the kick patterns are lighter and syncopated with prominent staccato claps or snares. Other than its lack of steady kick drum, it often sounds more like jazzy deep with hints of bass.

Exploring Breakbeat Jazz (2020)
Broken Beat, Acid, Deep House, Easy Listening, Fusion, Trip Hop, Smooth, Free Jazz, Downtempo | Irma CasaDiPrimordine
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 08-04-2020 | 01:59:20 | 275 Mb

01. Aaron Tesser & The New Jazz Affair – I Want You To Stay (From P60 Remix) 4:29
02. Cybophonia – Cut & Paste (Keigo Tanaka Remix) 5:23
03. John Type – Night City Walk 5:04
04. Soul Etico – Two Hearts Together (Fatti Special Jazz) 5:55
05. John Type – Sunflower Lola (Fromwood Black Orchid Remix) 7:28
06. Lo Greco Bros, The Man With The Horn – Naked Eye (Soulstance Remix) 6:06
07. Dom Um Romao – Blue Bossa (Sonar Circle Remix) 5:57
08. Soul Bossa Trio – Naima (Stockolm Cyclo Rmx) 7:26
09. Kabuki – Tempest (Atjazz Remix) 6:32
10. Italian Secret Service – I Still Don’t Believe It 6:28
11. Soul Quality Quartet – Aphotic Marauder (Stockholm Cyclo Vocal Remix) 6:12
12. Acusmatic Group – Secret Lovers (Fromwood Remix) 6:42
13. Acusmatic Group – Regolamento Di Conti (Dave Masoch And His Rhythm Set Remix) 8:28
14. Soulstance – Guess What 5:00
15. Banda Favela – Samba De Ile (Waiwan Instrumental Remix) 6:03
16. Agostino Maria Ticino – Fragments In C Min 4:36
17. Clan Greco – Broken 3:31
18. Soulstance Feat. The Modern African Spirit – Return To Africa 6:45
19. Arcoiris – Volta Pro Mar (M-Swift Remix) 6:14
20. Zone – Well You Needn’t 5:03


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